Accepted Papers

(BK237) Towards Question Improvement on Knowledge Sharing Platforms: A Stack Overflow Case Study by Rishabh Gupta and P. Krishna Reddy

(BK253) Keyphrase Extraction Using Sequential Pattern Mining and Entropy by Qingren Wang and Victor Sheng

(BK270) Multi-layered Big Knowledge Visualization Scheme for Comprehending Neoplasm Ontology Content by Ling Zheng, Christopher Ochs, James Geller, Hao Liu, Yehoshua Perl, and Sherri de Coronado

(BK233) Subpopulation-Wise Conditional Correlation Modeling and Analysis by Guozhu Dong and Sanjeev Bhatta

(BK265) Privacy-Preserving Pattern Mining on Online Density Estimates by Michael Geilke and Stefan Kramer

(BK263) Multi-Label Classification using Stacked Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes with Reduced Sampling Complexity by Sophie Burkhardt and Stefan Kramer

(BK239) Crime Hot Spot Forecasting: A Recurrent model with Spatial and Temporal Information by Yong Zhuang, Matthew Almeida, Melissa Morabito, and Wei Ding

(BK272) Self-learning and Embedding Based Entity Alignment by Saiping Guan, Xiaolong Jin, Yantao Jia, Yuanzhuo Wang, Huawei Shen, and Xueqi Cheng

(BK269) Learning Question Similarity with Recurrent Neural Networks by Borui Ye, Guangyu Feng, Anqi Cui, and Ming Li

(BK213) Analyzing Structure of Terrorist Networks by Using Graph Metrics by M Serkan CINAR, Burkay GENC, Hayri SEVER, and Vijay V RAGHAVAN

(BK225) Iteratively Multiple Projections Optimization for Product Quantization in Nearest Neighbor Search by Jin Li, Xuguang Lan, and Nanning Zheng

(BK214) A Novel Three-way Clustering Algorithm for Mixed-type Data by Hong Yu, Zhihua Chang, and Bing Zhou

(BK219) Granger Causality for Multivariate Time Series Classification by Dandan Yang, Huanhuan Chen, Yinlong Song, and Zhichen Gong

(BK220) Factored Proximity Models for Top-N Recommendations by Athanasios N. Nikolakopoulos, Vassilis Kalantzis, Efstratios Gallopoulos, and John Garofalakis

(BK223) A New Online Feature Selection Method Using Neighborhood Rough Set by Peng Zhou, Xuegang Hu, and Peipei Li

(BK221) Revisit Word Embeddings With Semantic Lexicons for Modeling Lexical Contrast by Jiawei Liu, Zhenyu Liu, and Huanhuan Chen

(BK207) TDN: Twice-least-square Double-parallel Neural Networks by Guoqiang Li and Keith C.C. Chan

(BK227) A Global Flight Networks Analysis Approach using Markov Clustering and PageRank by Kecheng Xu, Teng Long, Shaojie Qiao, Yating Zheng, and Nan Han

(BK224) Exploiting Nonlinear Relationships for Top-N Recommender Systems by Zhao Kang, Chong Peng, Ming Yang, and Qiang Cheng

(BK204) Visual Analytics as a tool to assist the preprocess by Glauber Cini and Joao F. Valiati